- Removes up to 99% of free chlorine from water
- Removes organic pollutants
- Removes phenol and benzene from water
- Removes up to 85% of chlorine derivative pesticides
- Improves the taste and aroma of water
- Fit most 10” in-line bodies, systems mounted under kitchen sinks and osmotic as well as two-stage free-standing filters systems available on the market
- Has the attestation of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH)




Carbon cartridge of specially sintered high-density carbon having a high capacity of adsorption of chlorine and other organic impurities in the water. Especially recommended for reverse osmosis systems to be mounted under kitchen sinks. High density carbon has a much larger surface area, making it more efficient.

The cartridge is designed for Reverse Osmosis systems by SUPREME
(SUPREME-RO5, SUPREME-RO6, SUPREME-RO7, SUPREME-RO6-P). It can also be installed in conventional filters and on bodies.

The cartridge is compatible with most 10" bodies and filters available on the market. It has a valid attestation of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) which allows the product to come into contact with potable water.

Technical information:

- dimensions - 250 x 65 (mm)
- efficiency - 6 l/min
- work. temp. - 2° C - 45° C
- pressure drop - 0,2 - 0,4 bar
- longevity - 3 - 6 months*

* the service life of the cartridges depends on the quality of raw water.



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