- In-line filter housings compatible with the majority of 9 7/8" cartridges available on the market
- Double sealing O-ring for a maximum connection tightness
- Made from materials certified by the NSF and the WRAS
- Offered in sale with a plate, wrench, cartridge and a bacteriostatic disc centring




High-quality in-line filter housings for cold water filtration. Offered in sale with an assembly plate, wrench, cartridge and a bacteriostatic centring disc.

The filter housings are equipped with a vent, which helps in the release of air accumulated in the housing after replacing the filter cartridge.

The standard version includes a mechanical cartridge which removes contaminants from water, such as sand, rust, suspensions of not less than 5 microns.

The filter head has a brass connection with a diameter of: 1/2", 3/4" or 1"; filter housings are equipped with two sealing O-rings which ensure maximum tightness of the connection, and the transparent cover makes it easier to quickly identify the degree of pollution of the cartridge.



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