- Warranty up to 10 years!
- Highest quality ECOMIX® multifunctional bed
- Electronic volume control valve
- Backlit LCD screen with menu in English
- Washings hoses included
- High quality workmanship




Modern SUPREME MULTI multifunctional system is an innovative device that solves the problems with the five most commonly encountered contaminants present in the water: iron, manganese, organic compounds, ammonia, and water hardness.

The system comprises a modern ECOMIX® bed which is a composition of five components.

The individual bed components form a filtration field, and each of them is responsible for the removal of other impurities present in the water.

The process of bed regeneration is performed by washing with a saline solution. Regeneration of the device is performed automatically (it is a process analogous to water softening).

SUPREME MULTI system provides a large hydraulic flow. The device is equipped with an electronic display with menu in English.



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