- Cooperate with diaphragm and flow water pumps
- 360º angled connection (optional)
- Highest quality filtering bed
- Low operating costs: no chemicals in the filtration process, no need for additional water

- Time-volume electronic controller
- Backlit LCD screen



OXYLINE and OXYLINE PLUS is a series of the most modern iron removal systems available on the market.

The systems are perfect for reducing iron (dissolved and undissolved), manganese, and hydrogen sulphide.

In the case of the systems of OXYLINE and OXYLINE PLUS series, there is no need to use chemicals. The unit in the regeneration mode sucks the air inside, forming an air bag in the bottle.

The effect of aeration is excellent reduction of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. This solution eliminates the need for additional application of water aeration.

It is worth mentioning that the devices allow for air exchange (air discharge, suction of new air) between regenerations – the air will be exchanged e.g. in the half of the duration of the exploitation cycle (device operation) in case of increased demand for oxygen (e.g. iron oxidation, water with high hydrogen sulfide content).

OXYLINE and OXYLINE PLUS are well suited to work with diaphragm water pumps, where the water is not in contact with air.



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