- High performance of the 75 GPD device (280 l / 24h)
- The most precise method of filtration
- Low operating costs
- Possibility of connecting an external pump
- Possibility of installing the S-L-MIN mineralising cartridge
- Possibility of installing an S-L-FIR ionising cartridge
- Removes contaminants of at least 0.0001 µm from water (including most bacteria and viruses)
- Improves taste and smell of water
- Made of high quality materials




SUPREME-RO5 means modernity and comfort in every aspect. Excellent in every way, perfectly designed and executed. It produces healthy osmotic water, and gives the water a unique taste and smell.

The modern and efficient membrane is able to produce up to 280 litres of clean water per day.

The system does not contain a mineraliser, it can therefore be used for the production of distilled water, e.g. for aquariums or for other purposes where demineralised water is required.



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