- High performance of the 100 GPD device (378 l / 24h)
- Cartridges of QC type (quick-release coupling) for easy and quick replacement
- Enrichment of the water in the elements necessary for the body: calcium, magnesium
- Ionisation of water (pH regulation of body fluids, faster washing out of toxins)

- Removes most bacteria and viruses
- Improves taste and aroma of water
- Made of high quality materials with NSF certification
- Low operating costs
- Possibility of connecting an external pump
- Equipped with modern or stylish sprout
- It includes accessories necessary for correct installation




SUPREME-RO7 PREMIUM – 7-step Reverse Osmosis system made by SUPREME.

Currently, this is the best Reverse Osmosis system available on the market. The system is equipped with original osmotic membrane made by FILMTEC of 100 GPD (380 / 24h) capacity. Such a precise filtration removes the majority of water contaminants (96-98%). The osmotic filtration process removes e.g.: ions of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, heavy metals, as well as radioactive elements and the majority of bacteria and viruses. Water subjected to osmotic filtration may be consumed without prior boiling.

Moreover, the system perfectly reduces the concentration of chlorine and mechanical contaminations present in water.

SUPREME-RO7 PREMIUM is equipped with modern cartridges of QC type (quick-release coupling), which ensure quick replacement without the use of specialised tools and additional sealants such as Teflon tape.

Modern S-L-MIN-QC cartridge enriches water with mineral elements necessary for the human body, such as: calcium and magnesium, while S-L-FIR ionising cartridge is responsible for e.g. control of pH of the body.

Water of alkaline pH neutralises acidification of human organism, and is a natural oxidation agent that eliminates free radicals.

SUPREME-RO7 PREMIUM system has a dual-circuit spout, which allows water intake through an osmotic membrane or a mineralising cartridge separately.





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