- Warranty up to 10 years!
- High-performance monospheric resin.
- Electronic volume control valve.
- Backlit LCD screen with menu in English.
- Countercurrent regeneration – upflow.
- Proportional collection of brine in the regeneration process (three times less water and salt for regeneration).
- Washings hoses included.
- High quality workmanship.




Softeners from the SUPREME SOFT series are the newest line of products used for water treatment. The highest quality components as well as modern and innovative technological thought classify SUPREME SOFT systems much higher than traditional softening systems.

Owing to the application of modern monospheric resin, devices have much better performance parameters compared to the common softeners available on the market.

One of the main advantages is the fact that the SUPREME SOFT systems consume a lot less salt and water during regeneration, which largely translates into savings and is beneficial to the environment in which we live.

SUPREME SOFT softening systems are currently the best solution for households, public institutions or companies.

High quality materials used in the production of the system guarantee a long and failure-free operation.



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