S-PP series



- They contain high quality deposit that efficiently reduces the hardness minerals

   (calcium and magnesium ions).
- They eliminate build-up of “limescale” on elements of household appliances

   (e.g. washing machine, dishwasher).
- They match the majority of 10" housings and filtering systems available on the market.
- They have current PZH certification, which approves a product for contact

   with drinking water.
- They are equipped with an end filter that prevents escape of the resin

   outside the cartridge.
- Competitive price
- Quick delivery of orders
- High quality




S-ST Perfect quality softening cartridges of SUPREME brand.

The cartridges are intended for operation with 10" in-line filter housings, under-counter systems and Reverse Osmosis systems.

The ion exchange resin included in the cartridge is capable of changing calcium and magnesium ions (so called “hardness minerals”) into sodium ions.

Hard water contributes to accumulation of “scale” on heating elements of water heaters and in water installation pipes. It contributes to destruction of household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher).

S-ST series cartridges are compatible with the majority of 10" housings and filters available on the market. It has a valid attestation of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) which allows the product to come into contact with potable water.




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